12 January, 2007

Again (Finally!)

Something weird happened, I couldn't log into Blogger, but it seems all is OK now (or I hope so...)

So, here is my Christmass blog which I couldn't post succesfully till today:

Merry Christmass for all who celebrates it today!!!

There are two days when I am in special mood, Christmass is coming!
We had festal lunch, all with fish (altough I don't like fish too much!). In evening we burned Christmass oak branch and watched very nice fireworks. We went to nephew, he's now 18 (and, then, he's adult now!), and he's big TTD fan.

I bought for Christmass HP Photosmart E427 digital camera, 6,0 mpix, 5x zoom, with 1 GB memory card, batteries and charger for only 150 EUR.

Looking forward to New Year, which comes on January 14th...


GoneWacko said...

New year comes on January 14th?
When did this happen? :)

Also, that sounds like a pretty cool thing to buy for Christmas. My family doesn't really celebrate it with presents or anything. Mostly because we dutchies have 'Sinterklaas' which is similar, but on the 5th of December :)

Wile E. Coyote said...

It's Orthodox New Year. Luckily, we celebrate two New Years! :)
(We celebrate regular New Year also.)