03 December, 2008

I moved, I moved... :)))

Finally, all works (or, TBH, most of works) are done, and we moved to our own appartment!!! :) Few more little things left to be done, but we should live in our place... Now we are surrounded with bunch of boxes and bags, there will be needed time to unpack, but nobody will rush us now... :)

22 October, 2008

At final...

...I finished all procedures for taking loan for buying appartment!!! :) Next step is to renew it, and then to move, but big step is done... :)

25 August, 2008

I was pushed to 3d world...

...and to finish aircraft set for TTD I paused long time ago! Now I'll try to make models in 3d and then render them to make graphics... Some I've got allready, so expect new GRF in future... :)

14 August, 2008

Awful heat again... :(

Where to hide from allmost 40 degrees heat? :(

06 August, 2008

Life is better when it's not hot :)

What a nice day today! Light wind is blowing, and life is much better... Yesterday was awful, it was hot and moisture in air was enormous... I finished bunch of job, and now I'm sitting in office, listening good music and waiting to go home... :)

30 July, 2008

Time to add something new here...

I can't believe I forgot to add news to blog for such a long time! Total madness!!! I must update this blog more...