09 July, 2010

I was on surgery intervention

Couple months ago huge hernia appeared on my groin. I had problem and pain during walking. I went to doctor and he sent me to hospital. Intervention was on monday, and yesterday I went out of hospital. Now any physical activity is forbidden to me, and I'll have more time to have fun...

That's it, as much as older you are, you have more medical problems...

01 April, 2010

Inferno in my appartment

Me and my family were very close to death in the night between Saturday and Sunday. We had fire in the apartment, but luckily got alive.

Like almost every evening, at the midnight we started dishwasher, laundry washer and went to sleep (from the midnight electricity is much cheaper than during the day and all people are doing that). About 1.00 strange smell woke me up. I got off the bed and went to see what's going on. I saw smoke in ante room. I opened kitchen door and see flames from the kitchen. I quickly closed door, woke up wife and son and told to them to get out of the appartment. Then I jumped to fuse box and cut off the electricity. I opened all windows except kitchen window, because it was inaccessible because of fire and smoke. I was so excited, so I forgot to call firefighters and I called police instead to report fire, but they sent firefighters, and they came very quickly. In the meantime, fire spent all oxygen in the kitchen and fire stopped, so they not needed to use hoses and water, they only opened kitchen window to let smoke out. Result of fire was destroyed dishwasher (it was totally burned, all plastic parts were melted), burned kitchen sink and kitchen door, and all in the kitchen was covered with soot. I had to buy new sink and remove all paint from walls, ceiling, kitchen door and kitchen window and repaint them again. I even had to remove soot between ceramic tiles (I used sandpaper).

Firefighters told me that fire started from dishwasher and that we were so lucky because I wasn't able to open kitchen window. In that case, fire would expand to all counters, they could use water to extinguish fire and damage could be much bigger. Of course, it was a big luck that smoke woke me up, otherwise we could be suffocated and dead.

We still have big mess in the appartment. We washed all counters, dining table and chairs (we have kitchen and dining room in one room), stove and refrigerator (I almost had to dismantle them to clean all from inside), and we have a bunch of dishes covered with soot (and we must to wash them by hand, because now we don't have dishwasher). Whole kitchen has smoke smell and now I only have to hope that will stale with time.

24 March, 2010

Very funny thing...

...is that spambot tried to spam in post about spambots. LOL!

More working in appartment...

Few mor works in appartment are over. Just a little bit, and all will be finished... :)

07 February, 2010

Stupid spambots! >:(

I have spambots which are spamming post from 2008!!! At the end I deleted that post because I had two spam attacks on it...

28 January, 2010

Happy birthday (again!) :)

It seems I blog only when it's my birthday, LOL! But here comes another... Now I don't tell you which in row, LOL!!! Stay tuned...

20 January, 2010

Happy hollidays!!! :)

Well, new year came and hollidays are over. I haven't posted here for a long time, now let's see what new year will bring. I hope good things will come in future...